More metadata in XMP sidecar

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More metadata in XMP sidecar

Postby michel038 » Fri Nov 24, 2017 12:41 pm

It would be nice for xnviewmp to write more metadata in XMP sidecar file ...
I posted a first suggestion here : viewtopic.php?f=60&t=36312

Another user talked about metadata in XMP sidecar here : viewtopic.php?f=83&t=36616 (dates 16 - 20 Nov)
Pierre asked for a sample file, I can copy here a XMP sidecar file , written by Jphototagger :

(within Jphototagger, I wrote in each field two letters : xx and the name-of-the-field )
I think this file contains most of the classic metadata. (except lr:hierarchicalsubject , already used by xnviewmp)

Code: Select all

<x:xmpmeta xmlns:x="adobe:ns:meta/" x:xmptk="Adobe XMP Core 4.1.1">
  <rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf="">
    <rdf:Description rdf:about=""
          <rdf:li>xx keyword1</rdf:li>
          <rdf:li>xx keyword2</rdf:li>
          <rdf:li xml:lang="x-default">xx Short description</rdf:li>
          <rdf:li xml:lang="x-default">xx Description</rdf:li>
      <dc:creator>xx Photographer Name</dc:creator>
          <rdf:li xml:lang="x-default">xx Copyright</rdf:li>
    <rdf:Description rdf:about=""
      <photoshop:Headline>xx Image title</photoshop:Headline>
      <photoshop:City>xx City</photoshop:City>
      <photoshop:State>xx State</photoshop:State>
      <photoshop:Country>xx Country</photoshop:Country>
      <photoshop:Credit>xx Credits</photoshop:Credit>
      <photoshop:Source>xx Source</photoshop:Source>
      <photoshop:TransmissionReference>xx Transmission reference</photoshop:TransmissionReference>
      <photoshop:Instructions>xx Instructions</photoshop:Instructions>
      <photoshop:CaptionWriter>xx Author of this metadata</photoshop:CaptionWriter>
    <rdf:Description rdf:about=""
      <Iptc4xmpCore:Location>xx Location</Iptc4xmpCore:Location>
    <rdf:Description rdf:about=""

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Re: More metadata in XMP sidecar

Postby michel038 » Sun Dec 17, 2017 10:37 pm

Workaround, available only for jpg pictures :
copy internal xmp metadata into xmp sidecar file

- Right-click on a picture, choose "Open with" ... "Configure programs"
- Click "Add", browse through your disk to : Xnviewmp\AddOn directory , select exiftool , "open"
- Double click the (empty) line in Name" column, and write here something like "exiftool sidecar"
-Double click in "parameter" column, and add : -o %d%f.xmp -xmp
click OK

Now, with right-click on a picture, when you use "exiftool sidecar", exiftool will read all xmp metadata, and write them in a xmp sidecar file.

Later you can copy or move this sidecar file into another folder where your raw files are stored ...

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