Pan tool, move to other corner or simplify visibility toggle

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Pan tool, move to other corner or simplify visibility toggle

Post by Anibina » Sun Aug 30, 2020 12:48 pm

Make it easier to move or toggle the visibility of the Pan tool.

The Pan tool currently has a fixed position in the bottom right corner.
It does hide when a selection is drawn over the Pan tool area.

But when the mouse button is released, then the Pan tool reappears
and the bottom right corner of the selection can't be accessed for fine tuning,
without first disabling the pan tool.

The following steps are required to toggle the Pan tool:
1. move the mouse to the Tools menu
2. move the mouse to the Settings entry in the menu
3. mouse click to open settings
The view section (in the settings left panel) seems to open by default.
Unless the settings window has been closed (with the OK button),
in another section during the current session (since Xnview MP was opened).
If the view section isn't opened, then it needs to be selected first before continuing with the next step.
4. move the mouse to the show Pan tool checkbox
5. mouse click to toggle it off
6. move the mouse to bottom right OK button
7. mouse click to close the settings window
8. move the mouse to the bottom right image corner

The steps have to be repeated if one want to enable the Pan tool again.


Add a Pan tool right click menu, to move it to the other three image corners.

For example, when the Pan tool is in the bottom right corner, then the menu could have the options:
Move to Top Left
Move to Top Right
Move to Bottom Left

If it's in the top left corner, then the options would be:
Move to Top Right
Move to Bottom Left
Move to Bottom Right


Another or an additional solution could be to add a toggle Pan tool toolbar button.

And/Or the View menu could have a an entry for: Pan tool
like there are for toggling:
Tab > Show
Status bar

If the menu is becoming to long, then there could be a separate sub section for toggling the UI elements.

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Re: Pan tool, move to other corner or simplify visibility toggle

Post by Gwenael Q. » Tue Sep 15, 2020 3:18 pm


A quick way to toggle visibility of pan tool is to use the F12 key. It will open the setting dialog even in fullscreen view with no menu bar available. Then go to "view" if it isn't already the good tab. I find this quite handy.

I hope this can help you.

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