fully automate import & sort through batch file

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fully automate import & sort through batch file

Post by smithcferg »

Hi. I would like to ask if you could set up a switch in xnviewmp.ini that would allow import & sort to be run without user intervention using default settings in xnviewmp.ini, then after (successful) import, automatically close import and xnviewmp?

My use case: I would like to run a batch file that does not require user intervention (unless there is a problem).

Currently, after Batch file opens xnviewmp, these manual tasks must be applied for each import before control transfers back to batch file:
1) select "Tools->Import&Sort"
(default settings for importing are already loaded from .ini file)
2) select "OK" on Import and Sort main dialog (start import)
. . . Wait for import . . .
3) select "OK" on "Import - Files import finished!" dialog (notification import is done)
4) select "Cancel" on Import and Sort main dialog (no more files to import)
5) select "File->Quit" to end XNViewMP.

Could these tasks be taken care of by a switch in an .ini file, so that when xnviewmp starts it would automatically call and close an import? Do you have any other ideas to automate the import?

(Probably if there is an import error, such as:"no source folder", "no destination folder","no files to import", "destination file already exists", "no space left on destination folder", import should fail and a dialog should alert to problem, requiring manual intervention, as now occurs.)

Thanks much,
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