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GPS suggestions

Post by GeorgD » Fri Oct 23, 2009 2:14 pm

Hello all,

let's start a collaborative collection of possible features concerning GPS / geo-coded images, estimate their importance and discuss possible UI implications. Showing the location on a mp is great, but by far not all it takes...
  • the map delay is too high (is >20sek!). IMHO extremely important, whole feature makes no sense like this.
  • show location of multiple files, i.e. all selected files in browser mode. Clicking one marker on the map makes the respective picture the current. IMHO important.
  • EDIT: Now irrelevant as GeoSetter offers great search & filter functionality on any EXIF or IPTC information. ORIGINAL: Add Settings - Browser - Thumbnail - Overlay Icons - "red GPS for missing data". IMHO important as missing geo-information is more relevant to know (exception/problem) than existing (standard, all shall have it) for several use cases, e.g. a hiking tour. See suggestion for classic XnView version
  • Add option for default zoom level, maybe split into "for 1 vs. multimple images" (multiple may be used for overview = less zoomed) and "map vs satellite vs terrain" (map is for overview, sat is for details, terrain shall be detailed enough to show elevation level). IMHO important to make feature really useful.
  • In browser mode option "show only pictures contained in shown map region" (disable centering map on each newly selected file?) and "sort by distance from current image" IMHO important as they enable a new way / use case to browse my collection, e.g. if someone asks "show me pictures of picturesque Bamberg".
  • Add further map sources, e.g. Google Maps Terrain (altitude is important for hikers & bikers), Open Street Map (contains more detail information than other maps), Microsoft Bird View (shows houses from side also),... IMHO less important. Maybe TrekBuddy Atlas Creator (TAC) source can speed up development.
  • In browser mode option "sort by location" (sort using space filling curve,, but a traditional thumbnail list can't reflect 2 dimensions like a map can, so better use a more intuitive map with overlayed thumbnails (appearing in classic fashion, so with tag status, color coding,...). IMHO nice, not important, as multiple markers on map come close.
  • Possibility to change the location by dragging on the map. IMHO not important, I can use tools specialized in that like GetSetter, they will always be better at that task. IMHO more interesting: call those tools with current pic & map region.
  • Possibility to create a "geo film strip" for Google Earth etc. IMHO not important, I can use tools specialized in that like GetSetter.
Feel free to append, discuss my estimation of importance & useages. /Georg
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Re: GPS suggestions

Post by alobo » Sat Sep 01, 2018 7:56 am

Which of these suggestions have been implemented?

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