Utility of the .XnViewSort file

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Utility of the .XnViewSort file

Post by JohnFredC »

The custom sort capability of the MP browser enables the user to reorder the thumb images by dragging them into any desired position/sequence. This is great functionality! I love it.

MP saves the positions of the thumbs to a hidden file stored in the image folder called ".XnViewSort".

IMO, the .XnViewSort file is an excellent place to save data about how the MP browser should behave when entering the folder.

For instance, a user could customize the browser appearance for a folder and have the values saved in the .XnViewSort file.

For another example, the image thumb position data could be expanded to X Y coordinates in support of a Light Table function in the MP browser. Please see my post about a Light Table enhancement to XnView here.

I'm sure there are many other possible uses for the .XnViewSort file.