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non-image file categories

Posted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:28 am
by homer

1. When you put a non-image file (eg doc or pdf) into a category, and select that category, the program crashes.
2. Also, to select multiple categories you need to use the ctrl key rather than check boxes like the old xnview.
3. Also, after going from the categories tab to folders tab, the last viewed folder remains highlighted but only the files filtered from categories are shown - you have to click on another folder, then go back to the first folder to show all the files in that folder. Perhaps a refresh, "clear selection set", or reclicking the highlighted folder could reset the file list?

I like the ability to "match all" categories, as much as "match any". For me, I would use these category organizing features more than anything, particularly for non-image files. This would be, for example, really useful for ebooks which might be in doc, pdf, or some special ebook format. They wouldn't necessarily need add-ons if double clicking simply launched the external application. It might also be possible to allow insertion of a custom thumbnail for non-image files (eg, thumbnails of book covers) into the database.


Re: non-image file categories

Posted: Thu Oct 07, 2010 9:55 am
by xnview
homer wrote:2. Also, to select multiple categories you need to use the ctrl key rather than check boxes like the old xnview.
Checkbox is better???

Re: non-image file categories

Posted: Thu Oct 07, 2010 7:14 pm
by JohnFredC
"Both" is better! 8)

Re: non-image file categories

Posted: Thu Oct 07, 2010 11:53 pm
by homer

My main comment was regarding the functionality for non-image files, which I would use just as much as as image/photo files. The potential for ebooks, to have a way to include searchable titles, thumbnails, keywords, descriptions, etc. in the database, would be great, and I don't think too much different than what XnView already does(?). I have a lot of ebooks with unrecognizable filenames. I've looked for days/weeks at zillions of freeware apps that, at best, only work a little for organizing in this manner, mostly for gross category organizing, and usually work only for specific filetypes (doc, pdf, txt, epub, kindle, etc). XnView and acdsee type solutions seem like the way to go. Perhaps its possible to use embedded metadata for image files when available, but allow customizable metadata fields for all filetypes as part of the XnView database (doesn't it already hold extracted thumbnails/metadata from image files?), for files that don't have metadata or ones in which you don't want to alter the original. One big question would be how to keep the database attached to the files, if the files are moved outside of the program, like with windows explorer. This would be akin to broken shortcuts in Windows, which attempt to find the file elsewhere and ask if you want to repair the link.

Regarding the checkboxes: maybe the ctrl way is cleaner, maybe the checkbox solution is more self explanatory, maybe both options would be good. It doesn't matter much to me, since you have a workable way to select multiple items with ctrl. The fact that it works (selection of multiple folders or files) is the main thing, as well as the "match all" and "match any" options. That said:
1. If multiple categories are selected with ctrl, then one is selected without ctrl, the whole previous selection set is cleared. With checkboxes, it just toggles (adds or subtracts) the single category without losing the rest of the selection set, and its a one handed solution.
2. I have run across treeviews in other programs (don't ask me which) which allow multiple branches to be selected with ctrl, but that don't do anything. They look like they should work because multiple branches can indeed be highlighted with ctrl, but the highlighting is just an artifact of the programming tool that helped create the treeview and don't actually do anything, since the program never had the ability to filter/operate on more than one thing at a time. Highlighting just doesn't seem like the positive indication of whats in the selection set as a checkbox.
3. I think acdsee (and the old xnview) use check boxes, and when you get used to something its simply a little awkward to change, not a big deal in itself.
4. Checkboxes are perhaps more self explanatory or simple, and don't require an explanation to use. Granted ctrl is a common way of selecting multiple items if you're used to it.

Also, I notice that multiple selections aren't allowed in the treeview of the "Folders" tab view.

Great work, thanks