restoring to origional layout

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restoring to origional layout

Post by PegM_4 »

I'm new to Macs and new to XnView. I installed XnViewMP v. 0.35 beta today. It seems to be working just fine, but my problem it totally of my own making. In looking around the window as it first opens, I accidentally clicked to close the preview window. I couldn't find any way to get it back and now in the process, I have totally messed up my browser window. I tried to trash it and re-install, but it didn't change anything so I presume my changes were stored someplace else. Can anyone tell me how to get it back to its original layout or how to totally trash every vestige of it so I can re-install it and have the layout as it was when I first got it?

Thanks for any help.
Peg :( :?
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Re: restoring to origional layout

Post by marsh »

Use context menu (right mouse button) upon info pane. Then choose [x]Preview or [x]Attach preview panel
Browser menu>View>Info pane>[x]Preview
Browser menu>View>Layout>Anything other than 'free'
Close program>find and remove configuration file ("xnview.ini" which presumably exists on Mac also)>restart