request: save movie thumbnail as jpg

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request: save movie thumbnail as jpg

Post by dcakovan »

Was not sure if I should submit here, so I am sorry if it is a wrong place. You can move this post where it should go.

Would it be possible to select all movies in directory and save those thumbnails xnviewXP created as movie-file-name.jpg into the same directory those movies are in?

Reason for asking for this is I just recently converted all our family videos from DV camera to mp4 and I have them on a HD that I plug into Playon!HD box that goes to my tv. Player will show thumbnails for the movie if it finds same filename image as the movie. Otherwise it just shows default icon. I can not find something that will do this in batch that I am comfortable with or know how to use.

Xnview already creates nice thumbnails but would be nice if I could select files and save those images from cache file as separate jpg's in same directory as the movie under same file-name different extension.

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Re: request: save movie thumbnail as jpg

Post by fletchni »


I noticed this, but on the Windows version (remember, MP = Multi Platform) it DOES cache thumbnails for video files. Rather well and fast, in fact. And you can see in the Mac version that there is an option in preferences for which point in the movie to take the snapshot, so I am sure it is an intention and an issue not with the core code, but with the compilation for Mac OS X.

So, in fact a bug, not feedback!

P.S. If the developers are reading this, then what would be REALLY cool is to have four snapshots on the thumbnail of a video, as you do for folders.