Suggestion: Quick color enhancement ui

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Suggestion: Quick color enhancement ui

Post by orbspider »

I'd like it if when we click on "Enhance Colors" icon on tool bar/ Image > Adjust menu,
  • the sliders for BCG ,RGB and HLS open under the image in Preview in a pane
    the image resizes slightly to make room for sliders below it
    the changes made with the sliders is immediately visible on the image
    changes are not saved until moving to next and dialogue confirms save (as usual)
    the sliders below image stay in place for the next image
    the sliders are hidden again on clicking on the Enhance colors icon on tool bar/menu or on a close button in corner of pane

    if we select another tool which has sliders from Image > Adjust, then it will open under the image in place of the first tool opened there i.e. Shadow/Highlight

    >>>>>>> 1. select Enhance Colors
    >>>>>>> 2. Enhance Colors sliders open under image
    >>>>>>> 3. select Shadow/Highlight
    >>>>>>> 4. Shadow/Highlight sliders replace Enhance Colors sliders under the image
    >>>>>>> 5. move to next image and slides stay in place under image
    >>>>>>> 6. click on a close pane button to cancel Image Adjust sliders under image.
For 100's of images that need enhancement it's time-comsuming to keep opening the Enhance color window, or shadow/highlight window.
I think XnviewMP would be greatly improved by having this!

I also suggest for Enhance Colors and Shadow/Highlight to be on the tool bar by default -well, those two are my most frequent tools!