keyboard shortcuts for scrolling

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keyboard shortcuts for scrolling

Post by rmmaniac »

Please add keyboard shortcuts for scrolling that standard XnView built-in(view mode)

If scrollbars visible:
CTRL+Home:scroll to top of the page
CTRL+End: scroll to bottom of the page
CTR+PageUp:scroll up one page
CTR+PageDown:scroll down one page
even better If scrollbars visible:just press PageUp,PageDown,Home,End without CTRL key
Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english
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Re: keyboard shortcuts for scrolling

Post by xnview »

rmmaniac wrote:PageUp,PageDown,Home,End without CTRL key
The problem is that these hotkeys are already used to change file
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Re: keyboard shortcuts for scrolling

Post by Spfnym »

How about as, by default, unassigned shortcuts?

I do have some muscle memory from browsers and from one other image viewer I used to use for page up and page down for scrolling quickly. Meanwhile, the arrow keys work for me to switch between files, but also I've got a grouping of keys assigned for common things I would do with an image, and I'd use those instead of touching page up and down for swithcing between images. So, for me page up/down are freed up and lacking a sensible use currently. It would be a slight perk to be able to use just the keyboard when I so wished.

I have had some mouse buttons that I've not been using, so I assigned them to ctrl, which does allow me to now do that scrolling a page up and down purely with a mouse. But sometimes I just like using a keyboard.