Thumbnails - size selection improvements and suggestions

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Thumbnails - size selection improvements and suggestions

Post by ijx77 »

Couple of points

Selecting size:
#1 In the selector "Thumbnail's size" the built (DB) size should be highlighted in someway
#2 Also in the slider control some indication of "100%" should be marked
##2a A reset to "100%" button could be helpful - I didn't find one

Available sizes:
#3 It seems to me that sizes above 100% are not that useful - since they will always be blurred - if the user needs bigger thumbnails it seems to me they need to build to a bigger size - I'd suggest then that sizes over 150/200% not be available in the menu/slider
##3b As a consequence of #3 I'd suggest that: on moving the slider to "max zoom" a popup or hover-popup could suggest selecting a bigger DB thumbnail size.
##3c The "Thumbnail's size" drop-down couldbe/is confusing to new users - it doesn't always work as intended if DB thumbnail size is smaller than selected - suggest changing this menu - eg grey out "too big" sizes. Perecentages also might be helpful.
###3ca I'd suggest adding a link to "change thumbnail default size" in the "Thumbnail's size" drop-down

Small sizes:
#4 (Being able to increase the amount displayed on screen made sense) However the slider UI could be better - in pixel control mode suggest having the slider hover text display more info eg something like "X x Y px (N%)" is what I would hope.

DB management
#5 In "Settings>>Browser>>Database>>(Tab) Excluded/Included" - only seems to be able to excluded files. Also in "(Tab) Database" - only a single base path can be specified. My request would be to be able to specify multiple base paths
##5a request separate "excluded" and "included" tabs for directories/files. Also note that a file tree based management could be helpful (eg as per Picassa) - one option would be for an additional rightclick context action in the filesystem "Folders" view .. eg "add to (thumbnail) index" "remove from (thumbnail) index"..

Thank you for this software, also XnConvert which I use a lot. There are a lot of good features in XNViewMP - in particulary - the exif/metadata/category handling makes XNviewMP a usefully functional document-management-system (far better than vanilla windows/picassa etc).

However I didn't get the thumbnail UI - I think there is a duplication of two concerns here - ie "thumbnail DB size" and "thumbnail UI size" which is the cause of issues such as my thumbnails are blurry as seen elsewhere - opinion - less would be more in this case.

Again thank you
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Re: Thumbnails - size selection improvements and suggestions

Post by ijx77 »

... Having written all that I though of 2 new thumbnail features that would be even more useful..

1. Remember thumbnail display size per folder, and allow different database thumbnail sizes to be set via settings on a per-folder basis
2. When the user requests a thumbnail size larger than the DB thumbnail size initially display the blown up thumbs, but start a sub process to replace the thumbs with larger versions. (this probably should be optional)

It might make sense (again optional?) to only update thumbs that are on display. Doing this could make some of the suggestions in the post above unnecessary.