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Separate settings for raw camera files

Posted: Thu Jun 16, 2016 9:24 pm
by krzysiu
Hello! XnViewMP is great for fast browsing raw files... if you have one camera. The problem is with type of reading. There's:
* full (slow)
* half (faster, 50% quality)
* thumbnail (very fast, ??? quality)

That setting applies to all raws. I don't know, maybe it's only my case, but I have two cameras:
* Canon 50D (CR2; raw file is virtually like raw+jpeg mode, but full size and quality jpeg is embedded inside raw as thumbnail)
* Minolta DiMage A200 (MRW; the thumbnail is 640x480, horrible quality)

So when it comes to speed, in both cases thumbnail mode wins. When it comes to quality - when I want to delete blurred photos with Canon thumbnail mode is ideal. With Minolta I'd need at least 50% size - thumbnail mode is unusable.

Would it be possible to:
  • Add optional setting per file extension (it's not ideal, but still much better and cameras from same company have often same thumbnails)
  • Add such option to ini file
  • Add raw quality size to command line, so I could associate e.g. MRW with [xnbin] %1 --rawsize half and CR2 with [xnbin] %1 --rawsize thumb
The first way would be most comfortable, but I don't know how it could look to make it tidy and don't kill simplicity of settings.

Re: Separate settings for raw camera files

Posted: Sat Jun 25, 2016 10:52 pm
by louis925
It will also be great if it can has an option to skip viewing raw files.