Themes: Change colours in settings

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Themes: Change colours in settings

Postby helmut » Wed Feb 15, 2017 9:43 pm

I'm not familiar with themes and just tried out the dark theme. It looks nice and images are much more colourful. :)

What is irritating is that some colours are not set to dark. This doesn't looks so nice and when using "Format colours" the filenames in the filelist are very hard to read because the font colour is white and no longer black.

From what I can see all the colours in XnView's settings (e.g. Preview backcolour and Thumbnail cell) remain untouched. This forces the user to manually change the colours to have a really consistent theme.

I'd suggest that a change in the theme also changes the colour settings including format colours:

- Browser
Border of thumbnails
Thumbnail cell: Background
Thumbnail cell: Border
Thumbnail labels: Background
Thumbnail labels: Text
Preview: Background
Format colours: Default background & foreground

- Viewer
Colours for checker pattern
Border line around pictures
Background of Info (Tooltip)
Text colour of Info (Tooltip)

- Fullscreen
Background color

Question is what to do if the user has modified the default colours in the settings. Just overwrite his/her settings? Or change only those values that still have the default value?

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