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Thumbs+L and Thumbs+F truncated filenames

Posted: Wed May 24, 2017 8:51 pm
by phaolo
I often use long filenames with a sequence number at the end, for example:
aaaaaaaa bbbbbbbb cccccccc dddddddd 01.ext
aaaaaaaa bbbbbbbb cccccccc dddddddd 02.ext
aaaaaaaa bbbbbbbb cccccccc dddddddd NN.ext

When I want to organize many of them, however, I need to see all the thumbnails.
Thumbs+Details only shows 8 of them, so I'd prefer the views Thumbs+Labels or Thumbs+Filename.
The problem is that the filename shown is only the beginning, so I cannot easily distinguish them immediately.

Can you do something about it?
What about more custom tooltip options?

For example, show both start and end if the name is too long:
{Short Filename With Ext}
aaaaaaaa bbb... ddddd.ext

Or maybe this, by adding 2 rows in the tooltip:
{Filename With Ext}
{Right-aligned Filename With Ext}

aaaaaaaa bbbbbbbb ccc...
...ccc dddddddd 01.ext