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write IPTC extended fields in XMP

Posted: Thu Jun 29, 2017 9:12 pm
by carlseibert
If I'm understanding this correctly, XnView MP can read in the Info pane the extended IPTC fields (the ones that appear only in XMP) but we can't edit or write to them.

Would it be possible to add tabs for those fields in the Edit IPTC-IIM/XMP dialog?

This would help with compatiblity with other programs and, going forward, we can expect (or hope for at least) many more people to use those fields, particularly the rights and contact ones.

Re: write IPTC extended fields in XMP

Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2018 6:45 pm
by carlseibert
Hello again. I just stumbled into my own thread from Google, so ...I'm bumping it.

I often recommend XnView, but always I feel required to add a qualification - XnView doesn't write, or for that matter read in in its IPTC editor, a number of fields that are part of the IPTC core schema. These would be the Rights Usage Terms fields and the fields for contact information - creator's address, email, and so on. Therefore, for photographers and users who need to author metadata, XnView is at a serious disadvantage.

Even for users like web designers, who mainly need only read metadata, it means that I have to instruct them to work around the issue with the Info pane. That detracts from a smooth workflow and lessens confidence in the program, which is a pity because XnView does so much so very well.

There's a danger of creating out-of-sync files, too.

To clarify, the contact and Rights Usage Terms fields are not extended fields. They are actually part of the IPTC Core Schema. They are the only Core fields that reside only in the XMP data block. They would fit nicely in a tab in the IPTC editor dialog. (I do understand that they would have to be included in other places, like variables picklists, as well.)

Becoming standard-compliant at the Core Schema level would greatly enhance XnView's utility in professional environments.

And yes, being able to write to as well as read all the extended fields - in the Info pane, perhaps, would be a nice enhancement. But as more and more programs fully support the Core fields, I feel that support there is more important. More like correcting a deficiency than an enhancement.