Viewing 16x16 png files

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Viewing 16x16 png files

Post by Brother Gabriel-Marie » Tue Jul 18, 2017 2:43 pm

Very often I need to view 16 x 16 pixel png files to use as icons in applications.

I'd like to see them all in a teeny grid so I can see as many as possible at once.
So in MP I set it to thumbnails only, and turn the zoom all the way down.
Then I realize that the tiles in MP's viewer are all minimum 136 pixels wide - which still makes for a large grid when I want a small one.

So, here we have an image whose size is smaller than the usual thumbnail.
In this case, I wish MP would just show the image at it's normal, 16x16 size instead of showing a thumbnail.
I think it works this way in icon view (it has a smaller grid), but icon view only shows file icons.

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