Remote control (WAPI msg) XnViewMP

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Remote control (WAPI msg) XnViewMP

Postby krzysiu » Fri Sep 29, 2017 10:50 pm


I know I'm not typical user. I always try to automatize things, script them. How one would interact with tool by sending messages?

Let me show it on the example of MPC-HC and my non-brand RC (from some tv card; you can get a virtual keyboard on the smartphone and use wifi, but it won't be good) bought on ebay.

In case of my remote control, it's loaded as keyboard and it just sends key shortcuts. All I needed was to click all, read what it really does and write it down. Then I made myself a template for AHK - as a comment there's real label of the button, then KEY::ACTION. It just sends numeric message which you can get from help. Additional function of MPC-HC (which could be done in some part from AHK side) is OSD. Sometimes effect of the operation is not easy visible, so it's good to get feedback.

Why XnView? Because photo presentation are a popular kind of entertainment. Also XnViewMP has a lot configurable shortcuts for things. I can't do this other way, because there are three others:
1) telling Windows to click on the control, wait for some window, then choose from the menu... It's a very long process and it's not supported by Wx, GTK or anything like that
2) telling Windows to press some key 3 times, move mouse by 100 from this place, click and if window still... That's just bad.
3) Like on this script above, but send key shortcuts to forms/dialogs. Sending input often fails, while messages are a priority thing.

I know even if it would be ready - just give numbers - it's a hard work. I'd love to hear your opinion :)

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Re: Remote control (WAPI msg) XnViewMP

Postby krzysiu » Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:37 pm

Can you close it? I forgot it's XnViewMP, so Windows-only stuff is pointless.

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