Full Screen - Strip on top to show pictures ahead

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Full Screen - Strip on top to show pictures ahead

Post by B.Douille » Sat Oct 14, 2017 12:21 pm

When you have a lot of similar pictures I found the full screen mode with the strip of image on the top very useful. It's very efficient when you need to evaluate, keep the good and exclude the bad. The strip is resizable so you can show a dozen or more aor very few thumbnails as you like.

An improvement would be to show the next image on the right of the strip (previous image on the left if you go backward). Doing so you know already when a series ends and you can easier select the best.

2nd proposal, even nicer, a thumbnail selected in the strip would select a position the strip and this position would be kept while using the left or right arrow (or during a slideshow). I explain a bit:
- Currently if we select a thumbnail anywhere in the strip and we use right arrow, the images in the strip doesn't change, just the current picture is highlighted by a blue border that moves right. This happens up until the selected picture is the last on far right. Then, the images are shifted in the strip to display the next.
- Proposal is that once a thumbnail is selected the images in the strip are shifted left or right according to the right or left arrow depressed. Doing so the strip displays the 3 or the 8 next pictures to come or the current and the last 10 but this is automatic and based the user's choice.
Proposal one image ahead.jpg
Sample - Strip showing a suite of image and the next to come, not part of the lot
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