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Cache db per folder

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2017 4:14 am
by Koogle
Would be nice if there was an option to specify in xnview/mp options or in the browser that a folder have its own local cache db for thumbnails, much like it used to be for windows pre vista. Or maybe a root db that handles thumbnails for all sub folders, that way it reduces the total number of per folder cache db.. it atleast is better than having one giant growing thumb db that can only be managed in xnview.. and has all the flaws of post windows xp thumb caching.

That way the thumbnail generation only has to work once and if the xnview/mp browser sees the db in the folder then it can use that. Solves a lot of problems for removable storage and being able to use xnview/mp on another machine or same one but no longer has the cache, and not need it to have locally stored caches that are not easy to manage outsite of xnview just to be able to display thumbnails quicker without having to rebuild. etc etc