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Background encoding when using export option

Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 1:09 am
by damian101
I really like the export option of XnView MP, but I hate that I can't click anything while my picture is encoded.
For small pictures, this is not a problem, as encoding is really quick, but when you want to export an immensely big picture this can take up to many minutes depending on the settings. Even with "Auto Refresh" unticked, the encoding will run once to load the preview.
I would really like to be always able to change the export settings, followed by an immediate recoding of the image with the new settings.
When clicking export, it would be nice if the program would not recode everyting when clicking "Export" as the image is already rendered (or is at least already on it) for the preview at that moment.
To see what I mean, you can try the export in the free DAW "Tracktion", which does exactly what I miss in XnView MP.