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Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 7:33 am
by JanL65
Hii :) ,

I need a "switch" in the "Resize" action - which is "skip images with smaller size".
Before finding XnConvert & XnViewMP, I was using "FastStone Photo Resizer" (FPR) - and FPR has this "switch".

Why this Switch ?
- We have, like others, tons of old pictures - from generations of Digital-Cameras (and now Mobile-Phone-Cameras) - and Resolutions has gone up - from less than 1MP to 10+MP.
- The old pictures "doesn't hold much information" - and is "enlarged" on large hi-def screens/TV's. Making any "artifact" very visible.
- The small/old pictures, are also not very big (maybe only 100 Kbytes) - so they don't need "conversion" - versus the "big/new" 10+MP taking up 3-5 MBytes each.

What I am doing, with FPR ?
- I take any picture, bigger than for instance 3000x2000 pixel, and Convert (compress) these - and leave the "old/small" images alone.
- Knowing, that jpg/any Compression introduces more artifacts (decrease the quality of the image), I leave the small/old pictures alone.

What XnConvert/XnViewMP does, so far :
- they convert ALL images, no matter the size - also when "only reduce size" is selected (in output, Resize) - reducing the quality and re-compressing the small/old pictures.

Kind regards, and highly hoping for this switch to come along - because your software so the best and the fastest and most versatile, in the other aspects (converting around 3-10 times as fast as FPR in my 4-core i5 machine).


Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2018 8:35 am
by m.Th.
You can sort the images by size before converting them and select the desired range (by keeping the Shift pressed). Viewing the images As List would help to see exactly what size(s) you are selecting.