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Processing of multiple files during batch file convert at the same time

Posted: Tue Oct 16, 2018 8:28 pm
by deton24
File extensions like PNG, DDS (which encoding was deleted in MP version BTW) are limited to use only ~one of CPU cores during file conversion (for JPG ~two cores).
Launching multiple XnView instances, and splitting the amount of files among these instances, helps to increase CPU usage among cores.

E.g. running conversion of 128 files per 2 instances of Xnview in amount of 64, can help to decrease conversion time double in case of JPG.

The request is following.
To add, enabled by default, option of processing two or three files at the same time during batch conversion, to speed it up the process.
At best, with posibility of changing it for more, in case of using various file formats (e.g. 4 for PNG - uses only one core).