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Import & Sort : Move & Batch Convert

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 5:15 pm
by m.Th.
Import & Sort could be a very sought and powerfull feature by photojournalists / news photographers, however it lacks few things in order to be really usefull for the (by far) most used workflow: downloading the images from a memory card / camera:

1. Almost nobody should use „Copy” as trasfer method. The natural method is „Move” because everyone wants to …well… import (that is move) his photos from the temporary storage (usually a memory card) to the Destination Directory. Besides that, „Copy” can create duplicates. I think that you can add a checkbox there saying „Delete the destination files after transfer”.
2. A very, very useful tool is to add „Batch Convert” as a button to execute a batch convert job before transfer on Soruce and/or after transfer on Destination. – this would be a killer feature: just fill the Source Folder of Batch Convert dialog with Source of Import & Sort (or with Destination of Import & Sort), and allow the user to set up the parameters at the beginning of the Import & Sort workflow.