Sorting of Favorites

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Sorting of Favorites

Post by jumpingjackflash5 »

I started to explore XnViewMP only recently. It has great viewing capabilities including ICC support, thumbnails etc. But I found one showstopper. In favorites window, there is no way to sort the folders and subfolders according to date - the same way as it is possible in the right window with thumbnails. This makes for me unusable that window, because I have subfolders in my favorite folders and want it to be sorted by date from newest to oldest. I have been used to e.g. from Picasa that the sorting of folders on the left was automatic by date and that was really the best.

So please add a capability to sort favorites according to various criteria - e.g. by time up and down .

And second thing, while we are at new functions, please allow to rapidly select/toggle the viewing mode in thumbnails windows. I know there is menu options and also the selection in the toolbar, but the icon is very small and you must click twice to get to desired options, and select from small menu. For example windows explorer allow just to click on the desired type of view - one click and you select from direct big icons.

Thank you

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Re: Sorting of Favorites

Post by TaranQ »

Encoutered the same thing today. Should be possible to sort (or rearrange order) favorites.
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