a few suggestions

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a few suggestions

Post by vanderzee »

sorry if it was requested before, but:

1. allow to move the adress bar to the side windows (like in the image) // and or let us customize the adress bar and remove the items

2. Add "rebuild thumbnails" to the context menu, just like in xnview classic - and a add a keyboard shortcut for it

3. Add a keyboard shortcut for "clear all tags"

4. if possible add an option to disable the rating system, and disable the tagging system

5. if possible add an option to disable viewer - why? its a useless feature, and so the switching would be easier, always Fullscreen <-> Browser

many thanks
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Re: a few suggestions

Post by cday »

It is normally best to post each suggestion as a separate thread: that makes it easier for people to comment on and possibly support a suggestion, and may increase the chances of the suggestion ultimately being implemented... :D

Suggestion 1 with the attached image would certainly be better as a separate thread, suggestions 2 and 3 have some similarity and could possibly be combined, but are to some extent already available options in Tools > Settings > Interface -- Shortcuts tab, so you might review those options before posting.

Suggestion 4 would probably be better as a separate thread so that it can be discussed more easily, and suggestion 5 could possibly be easily satisfied for your immediate needs by adding one or two new options to Tools > Settings > Interface -- Switching mode tab.

When Pierre is the only developer and has limited time, and other people may be able to make useful comments on individual suggestions, making suggestions as separate threads really can make a difference to whether a suggestion is implemented!
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