Digital Micrograph format support

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Digital Micrograph format support

Post by Corban_Dallas » Tue Feb 11, 2020 7:49 am

As microscopist I work a lot with images and so I have a big library of them. But there is no an instrument like XnView to fastly work with big library. More precisely speaking I mean dm3, dm4 formats, native images format of Digital Micrograph (for electron microscopist its like photoshop for artists ar graphic designers).
It is not complicated format I guess, file contains of the image information and some metadata about the instrument it was made. Most part of metadata is no use usually, but one is important, the information about relation between 1px of image and real space (1px = 1nm for example). This information is needed to plot a scalebar on image.
There is the python realization of this plugin for ImageJ, I had tried to transfer it into XnView but failed. I have no necessary programing skills for that.
So I am making suggestion for dm3, dm4 plugin for XnView and attaching reference on python plugin which I found, may be ti help:
( ... ader/start
Also, I want to mention that it is very needed to have scalebar on image for correct interpretation, there is an example of image with scalebar: ... UZ_wIctuyt

If it would be needed, I can provide my own native dm3/dm4 images for testing.

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Re: Digital Micrograph format support

Post by xnview » Tue Feb 18, 2020 2:59 pm

do you have some samples?

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