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"Embed comment" using only keyboard?

Posted: Sun Mar 15, 2020 9:38 am
by zohozer
I am using quite often the "Edit comment" feature to add extra informations to my pictures and will be great to have a much faster way to do this, without the need to use the mouse to click on the check-boxes. More exactly I would like to be able to do this action only by using the keyboard by pressing the "Command+D" (MacOS user here) shortcut, the cursor to jump straight into the "Embedded comment" field, without the need to click with the mouse into that field, write or paste my comment and after that pressing "Command+Enter" shortcut to confirm the changes and close the dialog box, instead of clicking again with the mouse on the "Write" button. This is a much faster way of entering the desired data, and when need to use this feature a few dozens of hundred times a day will make a huge difference.

Also I do noticed that a lot of times, the XNViewMP v0.95 for MacOS it is not writing the commented data into the picture, I need to open again the "Embed comment" window and enter again the desired comments and press again the "Write" button. Only then the comments are saved. Will be great to save the comments on the first try, without the need of a second attempt.