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Tabs requests

Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2020 7:08 am
by vertigo
I have a few requests for the tabs / tab bar:

1) This is the more important, and likely simpler, one: add an option to always show (keep visible) the browser tab, so it's not scrolled out of view when several tabs are opened. This would allow the user to simply click on it to get back to it, instead of having to scroll back through the tabs.
2) Make scrolling through the tabs circular/infinite, i.e. when scrolling to go to the next tab while on the last tab, it should loop back around to the browser tab.
3) Add a dropdown button to show a list of all tabs and allow clicking on any of them to jump straight to the tab (would be really nice if the list included thumbnails, but even without it would be helpful for jumping around.

Re: Tabs requests

Posted: Sat Apr 25, 2020 5:39 pm
by Gwenael Q.

Some of the previous suggestions might be useful (including the third) but some very useful features are already available in XnviewMP 0.96.1

- If not moved or closed the browser tab is always at the left extremity of the "tab zone". Nevertheless, if (too?) many images are open the browser tab itself can get out from the screen. One useful option before this happens is right cliking on an empty place on the "tab zone" and choose "Iconify tabs". Iconified tags are much less wide so many more can be displayed before the browser tab be hidden. Another useful option : "Tools > Settings > Interface > Tabs > Maximum of view tabs".

In any case it is very easy to switch to the browser :

- Browse button in the toolbar, or
- Double clic or Enter on the image in a view tab (See Tools > Settings > Interface > Switching mode) to switch back to the browser tab at a glance!


- Ctrl+tab and ctrl+shift+tab already allow changing the active tab, "in a cyclic way"

Hope this helps.

Edit : please see viewtopic.php?f=60&t=40355 for a very small request about "Iconify"

Re: Tabs requests

Posted: Sat Apr 25, 2020 7:47 pm
by vertigo
Thanks for the tips! Certainly helpful, though I do hope Pierre will consider the improvements suggested, since it's easier to simply have the browser tab always show as opposed to having to iconify the tabs, not to mention remembering to do so (though admittedly, considering the toolbar icon, this one would be a low priority, but I don't personally like the double-click method, since it selects the image you double-clicked on, which may change the position in the browse tab) and I prefer using the mouse for a lot of things, and it's easier to simply scroll on the tab bar, like I do in a browser, than to use keyboard shortcuts, which is more cumbersome and more to remember.