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Search Presets - Search in current folder

Posted: Wed Apr 22, 2020 7:24 am
by shadowpower
My suggestion is if it's possible to add an option in "Tools / Search" when making a preset
to not save the directory.
Or just add another checkbox in "Tools / Search" named something like "Search in the current folder" which could gray out the directory when you toggle on.
Why? Let's say, for example, I'm currently browsing D:\downloads and want to use Tools / Search (ctrl+f), I choose to search bitmap files, then click the + "save the search" button and name it BMP
Ok, now the problem is that if I browse to another folder and want to search in the folder I'm browsing, using the preset I made, then the directory will change to D:\downloads so then I'll have to type the directory manually or copy it, click the preset, then paste it.