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Addind traceability : Optional log file with Batch rename tool

Posted: Thu Apr 23, 2020 2:38 pm
by Gwenael Q.
Hello Pierre, Hello everyone

Adding a slight feature to the batch rename tool , namely the possibility to have a log file, would allow for a better traceability. At the moment the list of old/new name displayed at the bottom of the dialog box can be very useful but there's no way to save it.

Suggestion : An option(checkbox) that would generate a unique log file per folder (stored alongside the renamed files) listing the changes (old/new name) would be for me a very precious improvement.

This feature would be particularly appreciated when delivering images, with metadata erased and name deeply modified, to be able to find the original easily.

While we are at it : is it conceivable that renamming settings could be saved as a preset ?

Thank you a lot for the very good job and for listening.