Special Items: Top10 assigned category patterns

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Special Items: Top10 assigned category patterns

Post by nji9 »

I recently discovered by chance that some of my category patterns
have been assigned to really many items, without any more "sub-specification".
(For example "cartoon" + "politics").
So it would be very helpful if XnViewMP would support in identifying
those patterns so one has the chance to find a "seperation category" for them.
An improvement of the Special item "Uncategorized" (= pattern "all none").

It should be not too difficult to identify the patterns:
A table for every item.
The columns are of all existing categories.
Sort (stable!) the list from column 1 to last.
Count the occurences of the category patterns.
Show the top 10.
If the users clicks on top6:
in the category filter pane the corresponding categorys are bold
and the assigned items are shown.

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