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Optional opening Folders in browser file heirarchy

Posted: Tue Jun 16, 2020 10:41 pm
by KojiKamori
I been running 0.82 for a while now because every version after that, no thanks to this one guy that demanded it, now has it where you drag a file to another folder and all the folders under it immanently open up. So say you move 1000 pictures in a folder that has over 100,000, yes that many, pictures in it just to have 50 folders open up and you accidentally dropped them all in another folder. Well Oops. Now you can't find them all because you have no idea where the heck you just moved them to, and NOT having an undo "Because it is too hard to program" is the worst offense to this program.

I love this program allot because it is what we need, and needed ever since Microsoft decided to stop with their photo gallery, light weight and easy to use. More so than Picasa and other tools. But can we get the folders opening up to be optional? And can we so please finally get an undo. I have 36 GB's of ram on this computer, you ain't taking much of anything given I have my undo limit in Photoshop set to 1000. I thank you for all the work that you have been doing, finally with video support! But making this a bit less prone to a bit butter fingers like me with an quite used mouse would really help allot of us out here, because accidents happen.