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Browse Mode - Copy/Paste/Replace improvements

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Please consider the following improvements to the Copy/Paste/Replace functionality:

When copying/pasting a picture named “original”, please name it “original - Copy.jpg” instead of “Copy of original.jpg” (this way, it will be sorted alphabetically next to the original).

Improve keyboard usability in “Replace...With” dialog: when copying a picture to a location where an equally named picuture already exists, the “Replace..With" dialog is shown. The dialog by default focuses the “Skip” button.
There should be keyboard shortcuts for all buttons (e.g. Alt-R replace, Alt-A Replace all, etc.
The TAB order is garbled, pressing TAB moves the focus from the “Skip” button to the left “Delete” button, instead of to the “Skip all” button.
Pressing Shift-Tab moves the focus from the “Skip” button to the “Cancel” button instead of to the “Replace all” button.



P.S. All observations made on Win10 64bit with XnViewMP Version 0.96.4 64bits (Jun 30 2020)
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