Sort file on date in line with Directory Opus

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Sort file on date in line with Directory Opus

Post by mrwul » Sun Jul 19, 2020 2:57 pm

I use Directory Opus to rename files. Often groups of 5 or 10 or sometimes even more. I have specific scripts doing certain tasks.
For instance: rename, add sequence numbers, subsequently move files into folders named after filename and update folders after newest date of file in that folder.
Also I have some other scripts.
In order to use those scripts the files are sorted on date (from old > new).

Now whilst using Opus I may double click a file so as to better see what it is about (instead of viewing a thumbnail).

XnViewMP is launched and shows the file.

So far okay.

Now, say I delete the file (within XnViewMP), then XnViewMP will go to and display the next file.

However.. that is not the next file within Opus on the background.

How do I get XnViewMP to follow the same order?

Note that this specific folder often contains many files, like right now, close to 3000. So it takes much time for XnViewMP to load this entire folder.
It is not necessary because I use Directory Opus for this renaming and file handling.

So, bottomline: I want XnViewMP default sorting on date when launched from within Opus.

Is that possible?
(Maybe I am overlooking it, but I can't find it within XnViewMP settings)

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