Sort Categories themselves (not sort pictures by categories)

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Sort Categories themselves (not sort pictures by categories)

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Have searched for this topic but not found any exact matches or answers. I have a growing list of Categories in XnView MP. When I start working my way through folders of pictures (in the Browser view) to categorize pictures, I can do so by

1: Using the drop down list of categories in the Toolbar, 2: Checking the appropriate Category checkbox in the Categories pane or 3: Right-clicking on the picture thumbnail and going to Category / <my category> and clicking on the Category I want to assign to the picture. (I think those are the only three ways to categorize).

As my list of Categories gets longer and longer, I have to spend more time scrolling through the list to get to the Category I want to select (in all three of the methods described above).

It would be great if (as Picasa used to do) my recently used Categories would move to the top of the Category list OR if I could rearrange the order of the Categories.

Thanks in advance for any advice, suggestions, comments on the above.
--Bill S.