QOI image file support

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QOI image file support

Post by Xeddius »

There is a new alternative to PNG coming known as QOI (.qoi) (Quite Okay Image format), it is significantly faster than PNG for encoding, slightly faster at decoding, and is still lossless with a similar file-size to PNG. I think it would make a great addition to XnView!

Reference Encoder/Decoder https://github.com/phoboslab/qoi
File format specification: https://qoiformat.org/qoi-specification.pdf

While the reference version has a limit of 400 Million pixels, a streaming encoder/decoder will handle images significantly larger.

I have always loved that XnView has been able to support so many formats and I look forward to the future!
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Re: QOI image file support

Post by helmut »

"QOI" format as a successor of PNG sounds a bit like an April prank. But it's not and I think that would be a good and important addition to XnView.

EDIT: It seems as if there's a Plugin for QOI format, already, see topic Plugins and Addons.