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Interface/UI suggestions

Post by zarlan »

Having the ability to switch between layouts, with the "Layout [menu]" is quite nice …but it would be even better, if one could have buttons on the toolbar, for specific layouts (layout A, layout B etc …with the commands cmd_layouta, cmd_layoutb etc. There is no conflict with the "Layout [menu]"'s cmd_layoutM, of course, as there aren't enough custom layouts to get that far into the alphabet, nor any sensible reason to go that far), rather than the menu.

Also, the View menu "layouts", but those are fixed internal ones. Why doesn't it also have "custom layouts" or something, that covers the layouts in "Layout [menu]"? That way, one can save the layouts, in the rare few occasions where one has the need to, through the menu, and switch between them, with toolbar buttons. (and no "Layout [menu]" on the toolbar)
…and speaking of the fixed internal layouts…
The toolbar layout buttons, I mention above, should also include the internal fixed ones, including "free". (and there would be no conflict with the custom ones, as the fixed ones are numbered, and the custom ones have letters)

The buttons could be a simple character, perhaps?
A, B, C… 1, 2, 3… ("Free" could be "Fr", or maybe a wider "Free". The "Film strip" layouts could maybe be "F1" and "F2"?)