Tag face: Default/initial naming

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Tag face: Default/initial naming

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Bonjour, Hello Pierre

By default when opening a new Tag face, the name of the faces are "Saisir un nom" and the picture is empty. If you have a lot of peoples on the picture you are not able to find the right one with the good name. And you need a lot of tries to find the good one. Imagine with 50 peoples !

To facilitate this i have named the faces .. 1, 2, 3 etc Then write the XMP. When reopening all the faces on the pictures are numbering and this is convenient to assign the name to the good face.

Could be this process automatic when opening tag face ?

Have a nice day
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Re: Auto naming in Tag Face

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Setting a default name automatically is a very good suggestions and improvement, George. Combined with zooming this would allow for adding names to photos with groups manually much more simple.