Deselecting a file when removing filters.

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Deselecting a file when removing filters.

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I'm testing your photo selection program, which disqualifies it for this task. Namely, when I browse the catalog and I give some of them stars and I want to finish browsing the photos from this catalog after some time, if I want to find the last rated photo, I use filters where I select a certain number of stars. The rated photos are displayed, I quickly go to the last one, click on it to make it active and uncheck the stars to display all photos from this catalog. It turns out that when all the photos appear, my selection of the last rated photo I marked disappears. The question is why? It would make work easier. Make it so that deselecting the filter leaves the file selected, unless it is not included in the set displayed by the filters, in which case the file will be unselected.
I use a translator, so if something is not understandable, please write and I will describe the problem differently ;)