App UI - menu structure - View - improve channel commands

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App UI - menu structure - View - improve channel commands

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XnViewMP 1.7.2 64bit
Windows11 (23H2), display resolution 3840x2160, win scaling 150%

App UI - Viewer/Browser - View/Preview menu
lack of items grouping and channel show/hide functionality


  • rename
    to clarify functionality and consistency with terminology of other applications (see examples)
    • High zoom quality →
      Use antialiasing
      also rename in Settings > View
Browser - Toolbar / Context menu
  • unify Zoom/Navigate groups position
    it is more or less ok to put these items in one group (w/o separator between them), but
    Navigate should be first, since its related to Open commands above
  • (optional) add same Antialiasing and Transparency grid commands as in Viewer
    with Browser's own state
Browser - Context menu
  • (optional) remove File operations commands
    what is the reason to perform file operations from Preview menu?

Viewer / Browser
  • reshuffle items
  • add 'Show channel' group
    commands already exist in the app
Browser - Toolbar
  • add 'Draw as Tiled'

same as A, plus
Viewer / Browser
  • add 'Use channel' group
    • add new 'Use R, G, B' commands (Show/Hide functionality, same as in Photoshop)
      to view multiple channels together (eg R and B), which is not possible with existing 'Show R, G, B, A' commands
    • move here 'User transparency index (≤ 8bits)'

C - preferable
same as B, but
Viewer / Browser
  • remove 'Show channel' group
    as they are simply shortcuts to view only one channel. The new 'Use R, G, B' commands provide more flexibility.

  • channels
  • antialiasing / transparency grid

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