Pathnames for default settings

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Pathnames for default settings

Post by XnTriq »

MP beta 0.39.0 Windows:

There's an extra slash in the pathnames for and default.keys.
[color=green]xnview.ini[/color] wrote:

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toolbar=C:/Program Files/XnViewMP//
shortcut=C:/Program Files/XnViewMP//default.keys
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Re: Pathnames for default settings

Post by budz45 »

I noticed this too...

I also noticed that in the .ini, it seems to be using forward slash ("/") in text path-directory places instead of using the correct backwards slash ("\")... This needs addressing too since...

..I like to open the .ini in a text editor and input my own full filename path's as a manual non-standard method for 'Recent Files'

Is forward slash used for support of Linux builds? Or is forward slash just another error

MP 0.39 -win
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Re: Pathnames for default settings

Post by Clo »

:arrow: XnTriq & budz45

:) Hello !

• Confirmed ! Same mess here in my INI for all paths… the most surprising being that they work even so,
I tested with the “Recent files”. :P
- In some cases the “/” works in Windows instead of the “\”. However, I would prefer the correct character, and I'm curious to hear the Pierre's explanation (?) about this oddity…

:mrgreen: KR
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Re: Pathnames for default settings

Post by xnview »

Please check XnViewMP 0.48
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