0.82: multi-screens in Win10

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0.82: multi-screens in Win10

Post by pubota » Sat Oct 15, 2016 8:24 pm

Environment: 0.82 MP x64 on win10 home x64 with dual screen. 2 screens: screen A is 2560x1440, screen B is 1366x768. Their physical size are similar, i.e the pixel density of A is higher than B. For comfortable usage, Screen A has 175% magnification, screen B magnification is 100% (I believe this characteristic function is unique to Win10), and the 2 screens are in an "extend" relation; windows can be dragged from A to B and vice versa.

-- to reproduce the problem, you open Browse or Viewer in screen A, due to the fine resolution, Browser/Viewer is magnified automatically for normal view.
-- When this Browser/Viewer is dragged to screen B, the magnification is kept, and the resulting Browser/Viewer becomes unacceptably large, and fonts size are doubled visually.
-- Expected result: As for other windows, they respond correctly. When you drag them from screen A to screen B, they will automatically take up a new magnification (here, 100%), so the window will look normal when dragged to screen B. This adaption can also be seen vice versa from B to A. I believe XnView needs to have routines to handle this window event.

thats all and thanks.

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