Wrong thumbnails

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Wrong thumbnails

Post by tps800 »

[*]XnViewMP 0.88 (Linux)
[*]XnViewMP 0.88 (Windows)

Get some ~6000 pictures, push them into one directory, then let XnViewMP create new thumbnails.

Now switch to some other directory and watch XnViewMP show the freshly generated thumbnails for pictures in the new directory – the thumbnails are taken from the first 6000 pictures directory and do not show real content until you regenerate thumbnails.

I found this behavour with nfs-mounted directories as with local mounted removable media. Sometimes it is seen even with local pictures on HD.
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Re: Wrong thumbnails

Post by xnview »

on windows, are you able to reproduce it with a clean catalog?

No .db files, you start XnView in browser mode in the 6000+ images folder, you wait that all thumbnails are created and go to another folder, right?
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Re: Wrong thumbnails

Post by dietmar »


I had also noticed that there's a cache or overflow problem with operations that change a lot of files (and their database records). I wasn't able to reproduce, so I didn't report. But the effect was similar to the original poster's message. In my case I think it was batch renaming thousands of files with their EXIF dates. The first few thousands files were processed correctly (both file system and database), while the last few hundreds weren't.
It may be unrelated, but to me it looks as if there's a memory problem with the database when you process thousands of files at once.

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