0.90 - status bar text overlapping in browser view - xml-file produce error

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0.90 - status bar text overlapping in browser view - xml-file produce error

Post by masterjp » Sat Mar 10, 2018 10:43 am

The latest XN-View MP Version has different problems with xml-files in root directories!

On my computer Virtual DJ is installed, which generates a "VirtualDJ Local Database v6.xml" file in the root directory of my music harddisc.

Here is a part of the file :
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<VirtualDJ_Database Version="741">
<Song FilePath="K:\Musik\01_LOTUS 2.wav" FileSize="29823020">
<Display Color="6985468" Tag="2" />
<Infos FirstSeen="1408281936" />
<Song FilePath="D:\Musik\Discofox_Tanzmusik_mit_BPM\130bpm - DJ Ötzi - 7 Sünden.m4a" FileSize="9747241">
<Display Author="DJ Ötzi" Title="7 Sünden" Genre="Pop" Album="Best Of DJ Ötzi" Year="2006" Color="6713426" Cover="2" Tag="1" />
<Infos FirstSeen="1408281936" />
<Song FilePath="D:\Musik\Discofox_Tanzmusik_mit_BPM\128bpm - Mika - Rain.m4a" FileSize="8807900">
<Display Author="Mika" Title="Rain" Genre="Pop" Album="128bpm" Year="2010" Color="2415533" Cover="2" Tag="1" />
<Infos FirstSeen="1408281936" />

It contains informations about my music files on the harddisk.
You can try it yourself, because there is a free trial version on http://www.virtualdj.com.

If I read the root directory of this music harddisk (with the virtual dj xml-file) in XnView MP, I will get text overlays in the lower status bar. I use the german language settings.

If I close xn-view-mp and start it again, xn-view-mp will crash after starting the program.

I am very sure, that the problem is the virtual dj xml-file, because I renamed the file and everything work fine!

Please fix it! Thank you!
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Re: 0.90 - status bar text overlapping in browser view - xml-file produce error

Post by xnview » Thu Mar 29, 2018 1:56 pm

could you post the xml file, there is some chars encoding problem

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