0.92 Xnview resets view on large screen (7680x4320)

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0.92 Xnview resets view on large screen (7680x4320)

Post by Jou » Sat Jan 12, 2019 11:18 am

XnView: MP 0.92 64 bit
OS: Win10 x64
Monitor at 3840x2160, nvidia GFX card.

My normal view size is about 1600x1800. XnView kindly remember the size and position.
Using downsample (either classic of nvidia DSR) I can run 7680x4320 and up to 15360x8640. This is used to create 8k (or higher) videos of benchmarks and games.
But when I start XnView to check a screen shot I only get a centered ~200x200 view instead of the last used view. An already running XnView is not affected.

1. Use a high resolution monitor, 3840x2160 with 100% zoom option is my case, 2560x1440 might work as well.
2. Use nVidia control panel to activate DSR 4x resolution. Switch the Desktop resolution to 7680x4320.
3. Start XnView MP by double clicking on a picture.

I suspect a "4096x4096 limit" and therefore going down to ~200x200

See attached screenshot.
XnView 0.92 started on 7680x4320.jpg
XnView 0.92 started on 7680x4320.jpg (23.94 KiB) Viewed 390 times
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