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0.93.1: Linux - Full screen doesn't use opposite monitor

Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 12:09 pm
by Domarius
UPDATE: This used to be "Full screen never uses primary monitor", but I've since figured out a bit more of what's going on, and have updated accordingly.

XnView: MP 0.93.1 64bits (Mar 7 2019)
OS: MX Linux 64bit

Full screen will open on the current monitor as the browser, until you restart it.


From memory, the Windows version behaves as expected - with "Dual monitor" checkbox ticked, if you move the browser view to one monitor, and open a picture into full screen, it will open on the other monitor. But in the Linux build, the full screen always opens onto the same monitor as the browser - the first time you go to full screen in one session. You can have it go full screen on a different monitor if you restart XnView and move it to another monitor before going full screen - then that monitor will be the "full screen" monitor for this session.

So the way to get the "expected behaviour" on the linux build, is to open XnView, move the browser window to the monitor you want full screen on, open a picture into full screen, exit full screen, move the browser onto the opposite monitor, and then images opened in full screen will continue to open on the original monitor. (whew)

To reproduce:
(May not happen on other OSes, eg. Ubuntu, as I don't remember having this issue on Ubuntu)
1. Position Browser window on Primary or Secondary monitor.
2. Toggle Fullscreen with F11
Actual behaviour (bug): Full screen image appears on current monitor, regardless of dual monitor setting, or location of browser, until you restart XnView MP.

Expected behaviour: Full screen image should appear on the opposite monitor that the browser is on, as it does in MS Windows.

Re: 0.93.1: Linux - Full screen doesn't use opposite monitor

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 8:00 am
by xnview
ok, i'll try to tet, currently i have no multiple monitor with linux