0.95 & 0.94 - Window resizes when exiting fullscreen

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0.95 & 0.94 - Window resizes when exiting fullscreen

Post by GoatGoat » Wed Mar 18, 2020 4:09 am

XnView: MP 0.95 & 0.94, 64-bit
OS: Manjaro Linux, 64-bit

Effect: Exiting fullscreen in certain conditions causes the XnView program window to resize along with it.

To reproduce:
1. Have the XnView window maximized, starting at the browser view.
2. Open a file by double-clicking it, or pressing enter with it selected.
3. View the file in fullscreen by pressing F11 from there.
4. Leave fullscreen by pressing escape or F11 again.

Expected behaviour: The XnView window should still be maximized when leaving fullscreen

I've also noticed that this bug does not occur when accessing fullscreen directly from the browser view (e.g. by pressing F11 with a file selected from the browser), then exiting. The last version of XnView I used without this bug is 0.93, but it would be nice if it were fixed in the newer versions as well.

Thank you.

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