0.97.1: Text Alignment issue

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0.97.1: Text Alignment issue

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XnView: MP 0.97.1 - 64-bit
OS: Windows 10 - 64-bit

Effect: text alignment is incorrect

When aligning text in batch conversion, if text has an outline the text alignment is always left even if right is selected.

The same issue is experienced with the Add Text feature in XnView Classic up to the current version (2.49.4). That bug is logged at viewtopic.php?f=36&t=35728&p=166585#p166585

To reproduce:
1. Browse a folder with one or more image files (JPEG format).
2. Select one or more image files.
3. Select Tools -> Batch Convert -> Actions -> Add Action -> Image -> Add Text
4. Type 2 lines of text
5. Select Text -> Alignment -> Right
6. Select Aspect -> Outline -> check and uncheck while watching the preview

Actual behaviour (bug): right alignment does not work when Outline is check :bug:
Expected behaviour: Text should align as selected regardless of the Outline feature.
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