XnViewMP 0.98.1 - Borderless printing problems

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XnViewMP 0.98.1 - Borderless printing problems

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XnViewMP causes problems when printing. I had this problem since a long time and with older versions. Now some problems with white borders are gone, but a few are still there.

I would like to print a photo in landscape format on photo paper (4x6 inch).

For this I set the page setup in XnViewMP to landscape format.
The page margins presets are with 3 mm. I changed these values to 0 mm because my printer can print borderless. In Page Setup, I also set the margins to 0 mm. My Epson printer is set to print borderless and if I print the image, I will have a 3 mm white bottom margin. All other sides are printed borderless.

However, when I use XnView, I have no problems with borderless printing.

Maybe you have an idea?!

The second problem is XnViewMP ignore the landscape mode for printing. The only way to get my photo paper with a correct print is to setup it to portrait mode. The photo paper get into the printer in portrait mode only. Maybe there is the reason? XnView does not have a problem with it.
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