JXL photo metadata are not read correctly sometimes

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JXL photo metadata are not read correctly sometimes

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Hi everyone!

I think I found a bug regarding metadata with .jxl format.

Subject: 1.7.1: JXL metadata are not read correctly.

XnView: MP 1.7.1 - 64-bit
OS: Windows 11 64 bit

Xnview does not seem to read correctly the metadata entered on a .jxl photo.

Effect: The metadata information is not displayed.

To reproduce:
1. Take a jpg without XMP metadata.
Attached there is a photo without metadata, it is called "demo.jpg".

2. convert it to jxl format.
I use libjxl downloadable from github. Inside there is a CLI tool called "cjxl" suitable for encoding images to jxl format. Specifically, I used the "jxl-x64-windows-static.zip" version 0.10.2.
The command used is: "cjxl.exe .\demo.jpg .\demo.jxl --compress_boxes=0" (this flag keep metadata uncompressed, making it possible for Exiftool to parse it.)

3. add a description of the photo within the XMP metadata. You can use software such as ExifTool or Adobe Bridge.
The ExifTool cli command used is: "exiftool.exe -xmp:description="dummy image description" .\demo.jxl"

Please note:
This behavior only occurs if the photo initially has no metadata of the type it wants to be read.
If you had inserted an XMP description to a photo that already had XMP data before converting to jxl then this bug would not have occurred.
This bug does not seem to be related to only XMP metadata, and, in fact, can be replicated with EXIF-type metadata as well.

Actual behavior (bug): The metadata can only be seen under the "ExifTool"

Expected behavior: There should be a new tab in the info panel, and the metadata should be displayed in the thumbnail label.

Possible workaround: before conversion to .jxl assign XMP values.

Please let me know if you can reproduce the bug and if you need help with other things. Thanks!
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Re: JXL photo metadata are not read correctly sometimes

Post by xnview »

:bugconfirmed: Thanks to your detailed description I can reproduce the problem.